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Seniors Real Estate Specialist

"As people age they almost universally want to stay in their homes and communities. But, contrary to their preference, residents are often faced with the reality of securing for themselves a future where affordable, independent living is possible. For some, this results in a decision to relocate.”

- AARP, State of the 50 In New York State, September 2014

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Allison knows that selling a long-time home is usually more of a life change than a simple change of address. That change may be precipitated by any number of events or circumstances such as:

  • Retirement
  • Down-sizing
  • Desire to be closer to children and grandchildren
  • Illness or reduced mobility
  • Relocation to a warmer climate
  • Loss of a spouse
  • Empty-nest freedom
  • Property tax burden
  • Unlocking needed equity

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Allison also helps clients and their families eliminate obstacles to this change. With a roster of trusted vendors Key Real Estate Services can facilitate such solutions as:

  • Organizing personal property
  • Selling and donating furniture and items collected over decades
  • Repairs and cleaning to prepare a property for sale
  • Overcoming inertia
  • Bridging distances between family members
  • Property tax grievance
  • Curing property violations
  • Identifying a new home better suited to current needs

Use our unique

Should I Stay or Should I Go Scorecard

to help you determine if it is time to relocate.

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