Aging Parents with Lots of Stuff, Children Who Don’t Want It

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Allison has witnessed the paralyzing effect of personal property on its owners and heirs at the time in their lives that unlocking the home equity hidden under all the stuff could be very beneficial. Overcoming that obstacle is one of the things Key Real Estate Services does for and with senior homeowners and executors. If this article rings a familiar bell, give us a call and let us help. 

Moving to the Bronx

Allison was happy to contribute to this NY Times article citing the steady upward trends in Bronx residential real estate. 

Easy, Affordable Home Refreshes 

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Allison contributed to an article on easy and affordable steps for preparing a long-time home for sale in the Winter 2016-2017 issue of Westchester Senior Voice. The editors collected a lot of good "hows”, Allison was happy to provide the "why.”

They’re Growing Older.  Their Mortgage Debt is Growing Deeper.

It's is easy for a long-time home to go from being your greatest asset to your greatest liability. This article in The NY Times, speaks of homeowners over 65 who expected to pay off their 30-year mortgage by retirement to enjoy life free of that monthly expense and confident in the solvency of a significant asset, but find that plan derailed.  If this sounds familiar, I urge you – or your parents – to take action to keep that over-leveraged home an asset. I can help accomplish that. 

YOUR HOME; Market vs. Appraisal:  What’s the Real Value

This is useful knowledge for all Buyers and Sellers.  Know your property's Real Value. 

The Hunt: The Bronx, Home For Me and Mom

Allison is happy to illustrate our work with senior clients and their families by sharing Judy and Helen's story as told to The NY Times. We found their new home on Helen's 99th birthday!

Please click the link below to read full story. bronx-home-for-me-and-mom.html